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Welcome to Luna's Piano Moving & Storage

   Thank you for visiting Luna's Piano Moving & Storage. We hope that our website can answer all piano moving, storage and removal related questions. Take a look and see our images showing our teams in action. We have moved just about every piano there is. From private residences, stadiums, hotels and piano warehouses. We've done it all. Rest assured that your piano is in good hands when being handled by Luna's Piano Moving.

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NOTE: This quote form is meant to give you a generic idea of how much your piano move will cost. To get a locked in rate, please go to our quote page that asks more in depth questions.

Piano Board Stands
Luna's Piano Moving. Using our inventino, the piano board stands.

   Luna's Piano Moving and Storage uses piano board stands on grand pianos. These units allow our teams to tilt pianos and place them onto piano boards without putting too much stress on our movers bodies. 

 These piano board stands allow us to slip a piano dolly under the board without having to deadlift on end of the piano (the traditional/old way of moving pianos). We've made some enhancements to the way that a piano is moved. A lot has changed in the last 20 years. Unfortunately a lot of moving companies are more focused on making money than taking care of their movers. Our piano moving teams deserve the best moving equipment available out there to protect their backs and our customers deserve professional piano movers that come equipped with the right moving tools. 

Ramps, ramps and more ramps

   The first ramp (aluminum) is used for 1-4 steps. It can handle a concert grand.


   Next up we see the 10ft fiberglass ramp (a 1500lbs capacity). This ramp helps us cover more steps, usually about 6 steps. 

   At the very top, we have the "threshold" ramp. It us used to go up one step. 

   One would think that all piano movers carry these ramps, but the truth is they don't. Movers are left to their own devices and are forced to carry or drag a piano up down stairs on the piano dolly. There is nothing wrong with dragging or sliding pianos on piano boards, that's what they are for, but it puts a lot of weight on the movers and the piano boards can sometimes scratch the steps (even if blankets are used to cover the steps). We do use this method, but only when absolutely necessary. 

Square Grand Piano Moving

 The antique square grand pianos! You would think that any piano moving company can move these old square grand pianos, but unfortunately that isn't the case. Household moving companies and piano moving companies give us a call when these pianos come up because they do require different equipment and the right team to safely transport them.

Square Grand Piano.jpg
Floor Protection

   If you have floors that need protection, we have you covered. We offer floor protection via floor runners. These floor runners have a rubber bottom. If white glove service is what you need, we will roll out the red carpet!

An antique concert grand piano. Luna's Piano Movers

Luna's Piano Storage Facility

  As you can see on the map below, Luna's Piano Moving & Storage covers a big area. All pianos that are picked up for storage are kept in a climate controlled environment. We only store pianos, nothing else. Due to the volume (we store over 2,000 pianos) and value of these pianos, we do not list our piano storage facility online. All pianos are kept in a highly secured private facility.

Long Distance Piano Move? Our West Coast Route

   We cover the entire Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Inland Empire and San Diego County on (selected days). Our route goes as far south as San Diego and as far north as Santa Barbara. If you are moving a piano within these locations, check with us and see what it will cost. If you are flexible with scheduling, we can offer you a better rate if you can work with our schedule. We can add your piano to another customers route and pass the gas and time savings over to you. 

Luna's Piano Moving & Storage - Long distance piano moving

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